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Role with it: Domme Type

Playing role with it is a dangerous game, so dangerous that sometimes it even knows what you really are.Once the die is cast, a whip symbol appears before you. Its the Dom nature. Within you a powerful sensation of having at your beck and call others lucky subs grows strongly by the minute.You know you have been always the strong type. You like to command, and you love it. You also know where the limits of others are and where those can also be develop. Subs loves your nature, and you make sure they still show that sensation within them.Whether is by a powerful act or being a natural, developing your skills to true dom status or just a beginner, the seed was always within you. It’s in your nature to have the power to do your bidding. And let others enjoy the pleasure of doing so for you.You know when to treat your slaves and when to punish them. Is within this balance where you will find true joy. You are not a demon, even so you could be a succubus, but it’s from an act of love and not being selfish.They crave for your touch, they always receive love, one form or another

My kind of Mistress. Asian, in latex and bullwhip  to keep her company!